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creative round

community of artists and people


We are an active community of artists and creative people who share their challenges and grow together.

 Our purpose is to strengthen ourselves personally and professionally and promote the cultural and creative industry in Uruguay.


Together we support each other as artists and self-managers, we look for financing, employment and knowledge opportunities, we collaborate professionally and we accompany each other in personal experiences.  

our tour

Creative Round is the official name that we decided to give to a group of people who in 2020 began to gather around metanoia (today return to art). Back then we called ourselves the "metanoic circle."

Today our projection is to generate a horizontal network that fosters labor cooperation and promotes the habit of sharing resources that enrich us and the sector. 

We want to democratize job opportunities, continue working for the appreciation of our art, and have spaces for collective reflection that allow us to continue breaking down the cultural barriers of the sector.

we are:

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