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My name is Vale and I am the promoter of this world that is volver al arte. I am a woman, artist and entrepreneur. 


My essence is to create. I like to experiment with the performing arts, ceramics, glass, painting, candles and any discipline that involves creating and putting my heart into it. 


I am a Taurus and I have a degree in Management and Business Administration; a combo that makes me love planning, analyzing, creating projects, managing and helping other people to bring ideas down to earth. 

In returning to art, my purpose is to accompany and give tools to artists and creative people, so that no one questions whether they can live from their art. 

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my own way back 

Returning to art is an invitation to reconnect. Connect with your creative source.

It is a way back. My way back. It is that of the artists and creative people who have traversed and built metanoia (perhaps you knew us by that name). 

It is the form that the purpose of helping people to trust again in their gifts takes; return to love for our gifts and the appropriation of each singularity. It is the vulnerability of being able to share my own connection and disconnection with those who need it.

We are challenged that each person can dedicate themselves to what they want. Here we are going to accompany you to take care of what is important. To question your purpose as an artist and creative person. To provide you with tools to build the structures you need and that allow you to create without limits. 

Shall we talk?

+598 98 502 855

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